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Green waste recycling services in Escondido, CA

San Diego landscape supply provides green waste recycling services in Escondido, CA. We turn your yard waste into high-quality landscape products, such as mulch, bark, and woodchips. These products are then used for many uses including gardens, decoration, playground fill and erosion protection in Escondido, CA and the surrounding areas. Below you will find a list of accepted materials which we can recycle. Contact us today for more information about our green waste recycling services in Escondido, CA.

Accepted Waste Material

o   Tree Trimmings

o   Palm – chipped (charged x2 the regular rate)

o   Brush

o   Wood

o   Grass Trimmings

o   Succulents

o   Ivy

o   Yucca

o   Bamboo (cut into 4' length or less)

o   Construction Wood - Cabinets, Hardwood Floors (no laminates - nails okay)

o   Pallets

o   Wood Furniture (No plastic, metal or laminates)

o   Fencing (without metal - nails okay)

o   Saw Dust

o   Leaves

o   Hay

o   Christmas Trees (no decorations)

o   Stumps (up to 4') sizes larger -  inquire for price


We reserve the right to turn away items which do not meet our standards or needs.