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Mulch supplier in Escondido, CA

At San Diego Landscape Supply, we are your trusted mulch supplier in Escondido, CA. We provide the materials needed for homeowners, landscapers, and major construction firms to create and maintain their ideal outdoor space. Contact us now for fresh mulch sold by the cubic yard. All of our mulch is sourced from local wood, dyed by food grade, and entirely eco-friendly. 

Our mulch is 100% child safe, making it great for playgrounds. It also serves a wide range of uses for landscaping, erosion and weed control. San Diego landscape supply also offers colored mulch in Escondido, CA. Our products line ranges in color, size and consistencie, so you'll always get exactly what you want. We even guarantee that it will keep its color for a year to 18 months. Contact San Diego landscape supply today, your trusted mulch supplier in Escondido, CA!